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David Anavitarte Private Studio Information

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David Anavitarte Private Studio Information
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Voice/Piano Lesson Contract

Lessons are $25 per 30 minute lesson, due at the beginning of the month. Lessons are once a week. Your scheduled weekly time is listed below:


MISSED LESSONS: When contracting a teacher’s services for the year, a student is, in effect, reserving a time slot on a finite schedule. Since every available time slot will be scheduled, it is almost impossible to arrange make-up lessons. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to schedule doctor appointments and other special activities around their voice/piano lesson time. However, in the event of a foreseen conflict, students may exchange lesson times subject to the teacher’s approval.

There will be no refunding for missed lessons. Make up lessons will be arranged.


Lessons are of course open to parents who would like to stay and see what’s happening! If your student is in the Junior High or younger, only half hour lessons are offered to that age group, and parents are asked to stay for the duration of the lesson.

I do ask that if you are transporting your child that you pick them up at the end time for the lesson if you are unable to stay. I don’t want a situation where a student is dropped off for a lesson and not picked up until three hours later.

I have read and agree to the above.


Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian/Adult                                         Date


For More Information:
Call: 817-645-8067

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Healing Heart - Local Choir Giving Praise To Him!

by Katherine Anavitarte
updated 11/2011