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Look No More! Our Distributors Have an Exclusive
Marketing Niche in a Virtually Untapped Multi-billion Industry!

You found the company which can finally make a difference in your life. President and CEO J.R. Jackson has eliminated the hassles in MLM while bringing together all the advantages of MLM and new advances in communication and the health/nutrition industry to bring you the Streamline Plan for Success. No other company can offer you the potential for financial independence as Streamline can.

CEO J.R. Jackson has brought together a team of professionals to provide you with the most explosive opportunity for success.  But just as vital has been the tremendous enthusiasm and activity of all our Executives from which many of our innovative tools and marketing strategies originate with. Streamline will continue to grow and evolve to be the best MLM company around because of each IME that joins!

With Streamline, you receive free of charge some of the most sophisticated tools available. The Internet is an explosive medium by which to market. With over 40 million users and growing at a rate of over 10,000 new users a week, those who build their presence on the Internet early will benefit tremendously from the growth. Self-replicating web pages will have you on your way toward building your own group with the explosive power of the Internet. New Executives will be able to promote their business within seconds of enrolling.  Automated E-mail will be sent on your behalf to welcome new IMEs into your group and to help them build their business. Online support is available through our Message Board and via direct email to the Streamline's support department. Offline tools are available as well! Our new Full-Page Color Brochures with hot labels targeting Opportunity Seekers are bringing in tremendous response!

Streamline is debt-free and boasts in some of the most advanced tools available. Our advanced communications system will allow our customer service reps to answer questions about your status or our group within seconds. We have the ability to expand to 128 terminals and 96 incoming phone lines. Unlike many companies that cannot keep up with their growth, we have prepared for the massive growth to come. And come it will because we have brought together all the elements that make up an opportunity you just cannot turn away from!

  • Hassles of MLM eliminated: No selling, no meetings, ...
  • Your group can be built entirely by the company - AT NO COST!
  • FREE Advanced tools to help your business explode with automation!
  • Products in High Demand!
  • Revolutionary Products about to be unveiled! (See the Product Page)
  • A Lucrative Pay Plan which promotes depth and long-term security!
  • A Debt-Free Company prepared for growth!
  • International Shipping - the World is now brought to your front door, you are no longer limited to doing business in one country!
  • Don't hesitate - enroll now and get your name in the Online Recruiter so it can start to build your group. Start using the Free tools to build your business even faster!

    We've eliminated the complications that come from retailing in other countries and have brought the International market to your home. Think of the size of the market you can now tap into. Doing business half-way across the globe used to be a difficult matter - now, regardless of distance or time zone, your business can grow because of the tools we provide you with to work the Internet.

    Important Facts About Streamline International.

    Many Business Colleges Teach Their Students That There Are Three Criteria That They Feel a Network Marketing Company Must Have in Order to Make it What They Call a "DESIRABLE OPPORTUNITY."

    Here they are:
    "The company must be at least 18-months old. 70% of all MLM companies fail within their first 6-months. 95% are out of business within 18-months. Don't waste your time or money on a business that might not be around to pay commissions."
    FACT. . .
    ............Streamline International of American Fork, Utah just celebrated their 2nd Year Anniversary! 

    ............In addition to a time-proven business opportunity Streamline also offers the most profitable compensation plan in the industry! This is good news for you, because Streamline can help you generate an extra income stream working part-time from home. The best part is that the business can be ran entirely either online or offline or a combination of the two.

    "The company must have a product that is both unique and highly consumable, one that supports an economic growth trend, and that can be purchased only from this company's distributors."
    FACT. . .
    ............Streamline is a wonderful company that has natural products that were formulated by the famous Dr. Christopher - the true pioneer of the Alternative Health Revolution. Streamline distributes a terrific line of Homeopathic and Herbal Tonics and Medicines that solve health problems that plague us all every day. 

    ............Getting healthy and staying healthy is Streamlines goal and we offer products that do both - rid of us nagging symptoms and maintain strong and healthy bodies through balance. These are products that families around the world can and should use.

    "It needs to have no more than 1/2 of 1% of the population (300 million in the U.S. which would equal 1-1/2 million people) as distributors when you join; and, they also state that if there were less than 1/2 a million distributors involved, you would be on the cutting edge of a great opportunity. If you could find a company with less than 100,000 distributors that meet both of the other two criteria, they would consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"
    FACT. . .
    ............This is the most amazing part. Streamline with its time-proven home-based business combined with the famous Dr. Christopher products has less than 6,000 distributors involved! By Harvard's standards this makes Streamline a "Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity!"

    ............Streamline has contained the growth for as long as we could. Its now getting out about the fantastic product line we have along with the fantastic opportunity and Streamline is beginning to have more people then ever join on a daily, weekly and monthly basis!

    What Are You Waiting For?
     Where else would you go? No other company offers you as much as Streamline. Enroll now to be on your way to Financial Independence. Thousands are now signing up.

    Thousands are projected to join in the next few weeks! Shouldn't they be in your downline?


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