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Everyone searches on the Internet, but only the merchants, receive the benefits, from  you and I searching on the big name search engines.  Now you can cash in with Search Big Daddy! Here's What SBD Has To Say:

"GOOGLE, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or any other search engine
out there give you NOTHING extraordinary for your efforts in searching the Internet!

GOOGLE has been answering the question for the advertiser
"What's in it for them?" for quite some time.  However,
they missed YOU the searcher!  
You Need to ask yourself, What's in it for you to
search at GOOGLE?  Or AOL?  Or MSN?  Or Yahoo?

Are you earning points as you search
on Google that can turn into goods and services for you?
Can you earn top keyword positions just by searching?  I haven't.

How do I recieve Advantage points?  Go To Search Big Daddy and sign up for your own search engine and search for anything and everything every day!

"Search Big Daddy choses to level the playing field by treating the
consumer with the same ADVANTAGES as the advertisers in the way of
Advantage Points."

Why not earn substantually as you browse the web!  Makes cents to me!  I have earned over fifty three thousand in advantage points!  I have purchased 288 Top Keyword Positions within Search Big Daddys System and this is just the beginning!  

I joined Search Big Daddy In August of 2006 and I am watching it grow and add new features every week!  It is exciting!  Search Big Daddy has the potential to be HUGH! You can watch their ratings on Alexa.

I encourage you to be part of the Search Big Daddy community and start paying yourself as you surf the Internet.  Look at some of the benefits for you and your family.

ADVANTAGE POINTS  - Everytime you search at Big Daddy earn Points!

1.  Use to BID in the search results (FREE Advertising) for high
2.  Purchase unlimited TOP Keyword Positions in the search results.
3.  Purchase $500 CASH Shopping Spree's (completion early December).
4.  Purchase FEATURED Classified listing ads (early December)
5.  Purchase FEATURED VIDEO ads (early December)
6.  Purchase LOCAL Business/Merchant Discounts (early December)

And it's just going to get better. With the new Video site, eCards, Classifieds, SBD Friends Network, City Keyword Manager Program and with BlogLanding and of course, a SearchBigDaddy itself!
the sky truly is the limit!"

Warm regards,
Katherine Anavitarte