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Does a "Self-Run Business" Interest You? What about a company doing its own marketing and recruiting to build YOUR business? This is the most compelling business opportunity you will ever find! We looked. We listened. The result was the development of a unique company with a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

97% of all MLM'ers fail to reach their financial goal. They never earn the kind of money they intended to when they got into their business. Most often they lose money buying unwanted merchandise that they can never sell. They end up spending more than they make.

The bottom line is that you want to make money. You want success. You don't want to retail to qualify for commissions. You hate showing the plan or selling your friends. We heard and we created the most advanced marketing tool around - our Online Recruiter (TM) backed by the simplest and most lucrative pay plan in the industry to provide you with what you asked for - the easiest road to financial independence. Only Streamline owns such a sophisticated tool to build your group for you. No more selling. No more showing the plan. No more wasted time. Instead you get a guaranteed monthly check. The company works to build your group! Free Tools will automate your business and help it grow faster.

Take 27 seconds to find out why so many are now beginning to achieve financial independence through Streamline International.

From Dream to Reality

Dreams remain dreams unless they are brought into reality through goals and concrete steps. Most people pursue Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) to fulfill their dreams - to be financially independent, to be wealthy enough to spend time with those they love. Yet most fail because MLM companies often require too much effort. With the limited time each person has to pursue MLM, the requirements most companies put upon them become hassles or stumbling blocks.

Streamline has eliminated all the hassles in MLM. With no hassles, your chances for success increase dramatically!
  • No Selling!
  • No Sponsoring!
  • No Meetings!
  • No Telephone Calls!
  • No Group Volume Requirements
  • No Presentations!
  • No Time Required!
  • No Face to Face Selling!
  • No Inventory!
  • No Sales Reports to Submit
  • Streamline provides you with the easiest solution to financial independence. Forget jumping through hoops to reach your goal. Streamline provides you with everything you will need to be successful. By becoming an active Independent Marketing Executive (IME), you immediately benefit from all the advanced tools Streamline has created to make your business explode!


    Streamline has designed a system (the Online Recruiter) that enables the 97% of MLM'ers who have never earned more than a few hundred dollars to finally profit an average of $600 - $2,000 per month within their first few months. This allows most families to no longer depend solely upon one job and one boss.

    More aggressive Networkers can expect to earn incomes into the tens of thousands of dollars within a very short amount of time.

    We have put together a very unique but Powerful High-Tech Recruiting System. In fact, this system is so powerful it is protected under U.S. Trademark Laws.

    Your name and ID# stay in the Online Recruiter until you have three (3) people in your first level (from the Online Recruiter, upline spillover or your own efforts). At that point, we remove your name from the database and we work to place three new distributors under each of your three first level distributors until you have nine (9) on your second level. This continues through seven levels at which point you have a total of 3,279 distributors that you will be paid on each month!

    Best of all, you are NOT limited to just three people on your first level. If you wish to sponsor more you may. By doing so, you will increase your monthly commission check. In fact, once your seven levels are filled, Streamline will add an additional leg that will begin to be built by the Online Recruiter! The Streamline system promotes depth first to secure your downline, but rewards your efforts and loyalty by increasing your potential once your downline is secured!

    You couldn't ask for anything more from a company!Streamline International provides you with the ultimate products, pay plan, business building tools, as well as a customer service support system that is second to none! All this to help you achieve true financial independence in the shortest time possible.  Only when you see what we have to offer our IMEs, will you begin to understand why thousands of network marketers are making their move to be part of the Streamline opportunity.

    Our Powerful High-Tech Recruiting System enables you to never sell a product or personally sponsor anyone, but still have the opportunity to earn thousands in the shortest amount of time.

    A Streamline Executive receives the following benefits:

  • Distributors placed in your downline at NO COST to you!
  • Completely Automated Sponsoring System!
  • A 100% committed downline!
  • Free Brochures and Mailing Labels!
  • Company mails FREE info packs!
  • Fast-Track Bonus Checks
  • Free Web Pages!
  • Free Autoresponders!
  • Online Support!
  • Most lucrative pay plan in the Industry!
  • Cutting Edge Market Driven Products!
  • Immediately after signing up with our company, your name will be added to our Online Recruiter and we will begin to fill-up your first level. If you do choose to sponsor someone we will put them under you and they will also begin to receive the benefits of the Online Recruiter and their business will be built through this unique and profitable sponsoring business as well!

    Our system hasno signup feeand has the potential to pay thousands of dollars each month! By qualifying yourself with the minimum product volume, we will enter you automatically into ourOnline Recruiter.

    No other company comes close to offering you the Streamline Plan for Success!

    Most Lucrative Pay Plan

    We have created one of the most lucrative and marketable compensation plans in the industry. Only a Uni-level Pay Plan such as Streamline's leads to a stable company that will stand the test of time and provide a true residual income for its participants. Streamline's plan is easy to understand and guarantees a certain payout per level based on the number of people on each level.

    Streamlines Fast-Track; Bonus allows you to earn 50% commission on the sales volume of each of your referred Independent Marketing Executives (IMEs). You can profit, by just introducing 3 new IMEs to Streamline's fantastic product line. As you can see, we have built into our Compensation Plan all the necessary rewards to motivate leaders to help their downlines, and this in turn promotes real depth in the organization.

  • Guaranteed Check for up to 7 levels!
  • Infinity Bonuses can be paid on Every Level!
  • Streamline Fast -TRACK; Bonuses
  • No other company can match Streamline's Progressive pay plan! We give you both the potential to achieve a profit as quickly as possible, and a real shot at the big money realized on the lower levels! To find out more, follow this link to Pay Plan

    The Best Products

    Our products are the formulation of Dr. John Raymond Christopher. Dr. Christopher is widely regarded as the world's foremost herbalist. If you have ever used a herbal combination for medicinal purposes, it was likely a formula of Dr. Christopher's. Through the years, over 1500 other companies have tried to obtain the rights to market Dr. Christopher's products but were refused. Now, through Streamline, you can obtain his all natural products to help you live a healthier life. To find out more, follow this link to Products

    "... after reading about Dr. Christopher's reputation as a Master Herbalist, and the all natural ingredients, I decided to give the products a try. I added Vital Foods, Vital Energy and Vital AntiOxidants to the products I was already using. To my SURPRISE, I noticed after the first week a tremendous INCREASE in my overall energy level and feelings of well being! I found that my energy was consistent throughout the day, not just immediately after taking the products. When I ran out of product, there was a noticeable drop in my energy level, even though I continued to take my other supplements ! Dr. Christopher's all natural products WORK!"

    Paul Colbert

    Why do so many companies require a person to fill their garage with products? People hate to inventory products. Inventories require large up front costs with no guarantee that a sale will be made. Streamline eliminates the need to inventory. Unlike most MLM's, the products are for your own personal consumption. Each IME orders direct from the company. Now you can use the garage as it was meant to be used.

    Fact: People Hate to Sell and Hate to Prospect!

    If your current program demands that you sell products and sponsor others you will fail 90% of the time! Put yourself in the power position, win 90% of the time offering a program that everyone wants to be involved with!

    What are the biggest objections you get when you approach someone with a business opportunity?

    No Time
    Streamline takes ZERO time to build! Our High-Tech business building tools allow you to spend free time doing the things you like instead of trying to sponsor the world as others are forced to do in other MLM companies!

    No Money
    Other companies set quotas for their distributors which force them to buy un-needed products each month!

    Streamline distributors simply buy their own products for their own consumption! What could be easier and less expensive?

    No One Interested
    One of the most common objections other distributors hear in other companies is that their prospect doesn't know anyone that they could show the business to.

    Streamline's trademarked Online Recruiter solves this objection once-and-for-all!

    Distributors in Streamline don't have to know anyone for them to become successful. Streamline builds their downline for them using the hottest High-Tech recruiting tools in the industry!

    This gives Streamline distributors an advantage over other distributors in other MLM companies.


    No Other Company Offers as Much!
    If you're one of the thousands who like what you have seen so far and you are ready to make some serious money from this totally unique and Powerful High-Tech Recruiting System, we invite you to join now and start experiencing what a truly hands-off business means for you and your family!
    "Network Opportunity Magazine"

    Marketing Update: Streamline along with active distributors have just mailed out over 170,000 Full-color newspaper brochures to MLM opportunity seekers. We expect a minimum of a 2% signup from these brochures. What this means is that there could be 3,300 people signing up in the next few weeks. We have also just begun a large television advertising campaign. The response from this should be tremendous.

    Review this site and make an educated decision to join this exciting business opportunity. Our momentum is growing rapidly! Join the Fastest Growing MLM Company Ever and Ride the Wave to Success!

    Personal Testimony

    I had been looking for a business that was unique and marketable with the potential to explode on the Internet when I came across Streamline. It was exactly what I wanted! Streamline eliminated all the hassles of the other MLM companies, by giving me the tools I needed to succeed, and for FREE!!! I could do nothing and my business would grow, but with a little effort it could explode. I have worked with several other MLM's in the past and none of them even came close to what Streamline had to offer. This business appeals to everyone from the die-hard MLMer to the one's that hate MLM due to the sponsoring, selling, meetings, etc.

    Since this is still a new company the potential for everyone is that much greater. I've been in Streamline for just a short while and my business is already exploding!

    I welcome you to join our team. Not only will you receive the benefits that Streamline has to offer, but from me as well. I have a large amount of advertising going on the Internet as well as in print. You could benefit greatly just from the overflow. You will also be able to use all of my knowledge and resources to help promote your business, or you can just sit back and ride the wave.

    Do not hesitate - if you are at all interested in achieving the same kind of success I am now enjoying, enroll now! I will do whatever I can to help you succeed. I look forward to working with you! It would be a pleasure to have you on our team.

    Kathy Anavitarte


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